Your Playbook for Increasing Toughness, Focus, Drive, Resilience, Confidence and Consistency in Today's Game!
What If You Could Actually Be THE BEST First Responder and EVERY Other Area of Your Life Not Suffer...  
Get Your FREE Copy of "Hockey GRIT, GRIND, and MIND" Now!
Get Your FREE Copy of "Hockey GRIT, GRIND, and MIND" Now!
"This book is ESSENTIAL for every player that is looking to stand out and take their game to another level" 
- Craig Laughlin, Washington Capitals and NBC Sports
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"This book is ESSENTIAL for every player that is looking to stand out and take their game to another level" 
- Craig Laughlin, Washington Capitals and NBC Sports

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Hockey Grit, Grind, and Mind has helped players all over North America get the most out of their game and play to their potential ...

The Question Is... "Are YOU Next?"


Hockey Grit, Grind, and Mind capture the essence of what it means to be mentally tough in hockey and he provides a complete framework for being able to make mental toughness development part of a player's overall development. 

Craig Laughlin, NHL Veteran


"Moving up in hockey is a big step, for elite players.  Kevin's work really helped our kids adapt to that transition and helped them accelerate their development throughout the year.  I believe that what the guys learned about mental toughness was a contributing factor to our mid season turn around"

Brett Larson, Head Coach NCAA


“Being able to transfer practice performance to game performance is a critical skill for the elite hockey player. Kevin gives you the skills and the mental toughness to be your best on game day. If you want to move up and stand out in hockey, you have to read this book"  

Brent Johnson, NHL Veteran

Mental toughness allows A Player to do whatever it takes to grow Their skills and endure the long, hard climb to playing elite hockey ...

HOCKEY GRIT, GRIND, and MIND Will Help You...

  • ​Learn how to acquire the ideal mindset for peak performance
  • Become a more confident and self-disciplined player
  •  Eliminate anxiety and negative thinking during critical performance events
  • ​Learn how to develop laser-beam focus and concentration
  • ​Learn how to become more assertive and aggressive
  •  Increase practice effectiveness with one simple skill
  • ​Learn how to confront, perform and prevail in extreme adversity
  • Pursue your goals and dreams with a renewed sense of energy and motivation
  • Overcome procrastination and inaction  
  • ​Learn how to become more assertive and aggressive 
  •  ​Quickly overcome major obstacles and personal setbacks
  •  Eliminate anxiety and negative thinking during critical performance events
  • ​Stoke your passion for the game
"Boost Confidence"

"Increase Compete Level"

"Perform Under Pressure"
Inside This FREE Book Are 25 Chapters That Will CHANGE YOUR LIFE FOREVER!
  • Chapter 1: Will The Real You Please Stand Up - Discover Who You Really Are and Your Identity In life.
  •   Chapter 2: Get What You Came For - Truly Learn The Power of What You Want and Need. If You Don't Know What, You'll Never Get It.
  • Chapter 3: What's My Why - Discover your "Why" and The Difference Between a Job and a Mission. Your True Purpose In Life.
  • Chapter 4: What's My Gameplan - How To Create Your Life Blueprint From Having a Happier Marriage To Making More Money.
  •  Chapter 5: I Can't hear You - There Are Power In Your Words. How You Can Use This Simple Strategy to Rid Fear and Build Faith.
  •  Chapter 6: Win The Day - The Power of Owning The Moment and How To Squeeze Everything Out of What Is Right In Front of You.
  • Chapter 8: Get Back In The Game - Are You a Spectator or a Competitor? What You Can Do Immediately To Be A Player and Win.
  • Chapter 9: Own The Moment - Most People Hope and Wish For Things To Happen. You Will Discover How To Make Things Happen All Day!
  • Chapter 10: Win or Learn - One of The Most Powerful Lessons To Learn Is How to Use Your Past Failures To Create Future Successes.
  • Chapter 11: No More Excuses - What's More Important? Your Goal or Your Excuse. How to Eliminate Excuses Once and For All.
  •  Chapter 12: Hit It - Learn the Power of One and How This One Principle Could Take You From Being Good To Great!
And That's JUST The Beginning! You'll Also Get...
  • Over 3 Hours of Mental Conditioning Videos...
  •  25 Daily Action Blueprints To Win...
  •  My 25 Built For You Winning Confessions...
  •  25 Fit For Life Motivational Stories... And SO MUCH MORE!
"I Feel Amazing!"
"I am Back!"
"I am Back!"
"I am Back!"

In 1980, the United States Men’s Olympic Hockey team beat a stronger, faster, more physical Russian team to win the gold medal in the Lake Placid Olympics. Watching that historic moment in sports sparked a lifelong passion for the game that has led me to become a Sports Psychologist, Certified Mental Game Coaching Professional, and a Level 5 USA Hockey Coach, with more than 20 years coaching experience.

I believe Mental Toughness Training should be a requirement for every player playing elite hockey. As founder of The Complete Player Coaching Program and Co-founder of with Dr. Saul Miller, my mission is to work with players, parents, and coaches to bring a new level of focus, confidence and mental toughness to the game of hockey.

Coach Kevin

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